Summertime Rules to Live By

1. Always Wear Sunscreen 

I don’t care if you’re going outside for 10 minutes or 10 hours, sunscreen is incredibly important. It can save your skin from wrinkling, it can save your skin from dark spots and it can save your skin from cancer! Now a days, you can get sunscreen in your facial moisturizer and foundation, so ladies you have no excuse not to take care of your skin!

If you are out in the sun and dying for a tan, sunscreen will protect you from harmful rays, but you will still get colour! Don’t forget that self tanner can be your best friend too!

(my favorite self tanner)


2. Only Wear Flip-Flops to the Beach

Flip flops are comfortable and have many uses; at the beach. When you live in a city, or if you’re walking in public no one wants to hear the flop flop flop while you walk. Not only do they sound annoying, but they look super casual. With many sandal options out there, keep your flip-flops at the beach! (Men too!)

3. Think Twice About the Length of Your Shorts 

Ladies, just because you have killer legs, doesn’t mean the whole world needs to see them. I suggest always do the bend-over test in the fitting room, if you can see your bum when you bend, DO NOT BUY. You also don’t want your shorts stopping at the widest part in your thigh, so think twice when buying super short shorts. Universally the most flattering length is a 1-3 inches above the knee.

Men, when buying shorts, think about your height. The look of shorts appear cut your leg in half, so if you are under 5’9″ think about wearing a short that is quite a few inches above the knee. A slimmer Euro style is more flattering on a shorter, stocky build. If you are tall, you can wear the longer lengths. I usually see men wearing shorts that are too long, or too wide. Please don’t make this same mistake! Buy shorts that fit similar to your jeans, and think about where you are wearing them. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can wear your shorts to all destinations!


4. Men, No Socks and Sandals, or Loafers

This ties in with our previous rule…Men, NEVER EVER wear socks with sandals and NEVER EVER wear socks with loafers. If you decide to cuff your pants, it’s best to expose a bare ankle.

Are you concerned about smell? Think about the quality of shoe you purchase when going barefoot. Either get a fabric that can be washed or a something natural, like leather. You can put a deodorizer in your shoes nightly to keep them smelling fresh or you can purchase some insoles that help absorb sweat and are washable.

5. Beat the Heat With Icepacks

I live in Vancouver, and often it doesn’t get super super hot here, so most places do not have air conditioning. However we do get some crazy heat for a few weeks in summer. Have you tried sleeping in the heat of the summer? It can be impossible. The best thing I’ve learned is to always keep ice packs in the freezer. I wrap them in dish towel and rest them on either my forehead, back of my neck or on my feet. It soothes the overheating and can let you rest at night!

6. Avoid Too Much Alcohol in the Sun

Alcohol is dehydrating, so if you are planning on drinking in the sun, (and who doesn’t?) then alternate with a cup of water. You can get the effects of alcohol much faster if you are in the sun, or you could suffer from dehydration within a few hours, and no one should have to experience that!

7. Always Stay Hydrated and Snack

As noted above, if you do not stay hydrated while outdoors you can become exhausted and dehydrated. Dehydration and exhaustion can bring on major flu symptoms, and you don’t want to ruin summer fun being locked in the bathroom!

I know for myself, I often forget to eat when I am at the beach or lounging outdoors, but even if you don’t feel like eating too much, it’s always good to have small snacks throughout the day. It will help keep your energy levels up so you can avoid the heat exhaustion.


What are your summer rules or tips to live by?

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