Reader Question: How can I lengthen my short torso?

“I have a short torso…So there are some clothes/accessories that are not nice on me, like as belts, I feel that they shorten my body. What can you recommend to lengthen my body?” -Sophie

Dear Sophie,

The best thing to remember about having a short torso is means you probably have long legs!! Lucky you! Something lots of women wish they had! Just remember to play up your favorite features like your legs and show some arm too. Skinny jeans are your best friend!

Here are a few tips when looking to elongate your torso:

1. When buying jeans or skirts look for low-rise.

A pant that sit lower on the hip will give the illusion of a longer upper body. If you are concerned about showing bum, there are a lot of brands of denim that create a higher back and a lower front. This is also where you should be wearing a belt, on your hips, not your waist.

Avoid the high waist trend, as well as tucking in your shirt, this will only shorten your body.

2. Wear longer tops with vertical patterns.

Look for tops that sit below your hip, and flow away from the body. If you find a top with a vertical pattern that will also make your torso look longer. Another added bonus would be a long necklace to draw the eye downward. V-necks will also look great on your physique!

Look for outfits like this; the chevron pattern slims, the deep V elongates and the necklace draws the eye to the middle and downward. Just make sure you are wearing your longer tops with skinny jeans. If you try to wear them with boot cut or flares, it will ruin the proportions!

3. Think about the accessories you’re wearing.

It all comes down to the finishing touches. Avoid wearing choker necklaces, or belting your waist. Instead look for long earrings, longer necklaces and belts that sit on the hip. Don’t forget to think about your purse! Wear a style that has a longer strap or a cross-body purse, so it sits on your hip, rather than under the arm.

4. Wear Statement shoes.

A monochromatic look will be elegant and flattering on your body type, accentuate this look with killer shoes to draw the eye downwards. Have fun with this look by matching your shoe to your lipstick or purse!

Here are some styling inspirations from Kate Moss. Yes, the model Kate Moss as the same body type as you! A lot of models have longer legs and a shorter torso!

Hopefully this inspires you to create that perfect outfit. I know this could be a challenge, but you can make it work! Look to stylings from the 1920’s and 1930’s for further inspiration.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page or check out my About The Author Page for other ways to connect.

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